Case Studies

Belgravia Leisure – connecting with 2000+ staff in 230+ sites in ANZ

Belgravia Leisure connects communities with leisure, managing aquatic and fitness clubs, sports stadiums, golf courses, day spas and retreats and alpine resorts as well as events and hospitality centres.  A large workforce, including many casuals, spread across more than 200 sites nationally can make silos unavoidable. Belgravia Leisure’s senior management team recognised the inadequacy of the existing intranet that was static and difficult to use.

How we helped

Sope was engaged to work with the senior management team to deliver a new intranet on SharePoint called B-Connected. The objectives were to deliver an intranet that changed the way Belgravia employees communicate with each other, provide a single source of truth, streamline critical areas of the business relating to growth, governance and compliance.

The intranet project team made up of Belgravia Leisure representatives and Sope consultants who worked closely together to deliver the new B-Connected intranet. Sope developed a visually appealing site, good information architecture and integrated workflows. Based on a recommendation from Sope, Belgravia Leisure purchased the Nintex workflow and forms solution. This had the dual benefit of enhancing SharePoint functionality and making the development process more efficient.     

Functionality delivered included:

  • A budgeting portal that automates the tedious aspects of propagating budget spreadsheets and provides a secure portal for updating, reviewing and approving the final figures.
  • Work Health and Safety portal for:
    • managing incidents and investigations
    • reporting to contract partners on individual site performance
  • Onboarding form for new staff members capturing all relevant information using a workflow to trigger where each relevant area of the business can access key information and keep the onboarding process moving.
  • A contract/tenders portal facilitates the management of new business opportunities and provides a management portal for ongoing partner communications.
  • The Partner Portal has enhanced the way Belgravia Leisure deliver two way communication with integration from the intranet for news, incident KPI’s and a shared document repository.

The benefits

  • Belgravia Leisure have a single source of truth for key business areas
  • Seamless integration between the intranet and other existing business systems and software
  • Making the most of the SharePoint and Nintex combination by developing customised forms and workflows to meet the needs of different areas of the business
  • Executing key business functions with greater automation and centralisation with less duplication and wasted effort
  • Helping a large and geographically diverse staff to connect, communicate and feel part of a team

Services Provided

  • Workflows
  • Visual Branding
  • System Architecture
  • Support
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Customisation
  • Responsive and Usable design
  • ASP.Net Development