Better Place Australia

Secure and cost-effective communications with staff and board members

Better Place Australia – formerly FMC Mediation and Counselling – provides counselling services in more than a dozen locations across Victoria, from large centres to small outreach sites.


Intranet, Business Apps & Forms, Support


Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate

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Secure and cost-effective communications with staff and board members

Project Overview

When Better Place Australia came to us, they had no effective way of communicating securely and consistently with their staff and the Board. Reference materials going back 30 years were difficult to find on their existing shared drive and staff could not be confident that they had the right version, or even the right document.

They needed a new cloud-based intranet that would provide a cost-effective solution for the issues affecting their internal communication and document storage.

"It has triggered the start of cultural change here, and that is going to be super important for us as we move to a 100% electronic document environment."
Craig Dennis, Better Place Australia

What was delivered

Sope assessed Better Place Australia’s needs and proposed Sproket as their SharePoint Intranet solution. Within weeks, they had launched their new Intranet, The Loop, which includes features such News and Communications, comprehensive document libraries and the Policy Hub where policies and procedures are managed and published.

Since the installation, they have greater confidence that their information is current and they can deliver a higher quality service as a result.

Internal communications have also been given a boost, as Better Place Australia’s Business Systems Manager, Craig Dennis, explains: “Having the policies and procedures online pulled staff in and now we’re getting a whole lot more activity; it’s also fired up our Yammer channel, which is on our homepage.”

The Better Place Australia Board has enthusiastically embraced their new extranet portal – securely isolated from the staff Intranet – and although many staff are inexperienced with technology, they have embraced the easy-to-navigate system:

“We have ideas about [how to use] it but staff now are driving it, seeing it as a genuine tool to the business, and for me that is really the value to it. It has become quickly the place they go first, it’s a part of daily life now. I wouldn’t say we’re all digital natives yet, but we’re certainly getting there,” Craig said.

Sope are pleased to be supporting Better Place Australia as they work on solving business problems through the introduction of:

• A client intake register

• A referral workflow

• Managing collaboration projects sites

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