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Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.

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Empowering collaboration and document management

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft. It provides access to sites for creating, storing, and sharing information. SharePoint can increase productivity and make your business easier to run by providing one place where employees can create and manage documents, communicate with customers and partners, organise projects, share events, and so much more.  

SharePoint is an integral part of our DNA here at Sope. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we are experts in delivering fit for purpose business solutions with SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

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Helping people to work better, together

Our team has helped hundreds of businesses undergo digital transformation by harnessing the power of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint. Backed by a team of Consultants and Developer, Sope can improve your business efficiency and drive cost reductions.

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Intelligent Intranets that empower employees

Intranets & Digital Workplaces

Sope has decades of experience delivering brilliant SharePoint Intranet solutions that help Australia's most recognisable brands work better together.

Communication & culture
Knowledge management
Document management
Sharing & collaboration
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Modern Workplaces

Re-imagine how your organisation works. We use the latest technologies to create vibrant, connected cultures around beautiful, simple principles.

Work from anywhere on any device
Boost employee engagement
Single source of truth
Get more done
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Migrations & Upgrades

We've moved hundreds of business to a consolidated cloud. No more upgrades, no more hidden costs, and no more shadow IT. Get the most out of what you've already got.

Get rid of network drives and VPNs
Consolidate duplicate or shadow IT
Merge or clean up 365 tenants
Clean up classic SharePoint
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Application Support - Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

Peace of mind that your solution is being well looked after and has the flexibility and capability to adapt and grow as your business does.

Level 2 & level 3 helpdesk
Service Level Agreement
Warranty of solutions
Account manager
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Business Apps & Forms

Transform your processes. With the new capabilities in your connected platform, we help you explore the potential of the cloud.

Make smarter decisions
Integrate data sources
New ways of working
Be more productive
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User Adoption & Training

Empower your team with essential SharePoint skills for seamless user adoption with our comprehensive training packages.

Level 2 & level 3 helpdesk
Service Level Agreement
Warranty of solutions
Account manager
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Store Once, Publish Everywhere

SOPE: Store Once Publish Everywhere - our name is our mantra. Imagine a single source of truth where business content is centralised, up to date, and can be accessed anywhere from any device.

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SharePoint look book

Get inspired by stunning intranet designs

Explore our SharePoint look book and discover a collection of stunning SharePoint solutions, designed by Sope. Discover the modern experiences you can build with Modern SharePoint in featuring the advanced customisation of SharePoint extension, Sprocket 365. Get inspired and see what's possible for your business!

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What is SharePoint?

With SharePoint, organisations can create internal websites for storing and sharing information in a single centralised location. SharePoint is like the glue for your business, the one stop shop for your team to collaborate, store and manage content, share news and quickly find information across your organisation.

What can SharePoint do?

SharePoint works with your organisation to enable better ways of communicating, sharing and storing documents. With SharePoint, you can keep your teams and projects on track by organising them into sites, building powerful intranet capabilities that allows you to easily locate employees, documents and important business information.

SharePoint also helps businesses achieve more by transforming day-to-today processes using workflow automation, creating a modern digital workplace that engages your employees.

What's the best way to use SharePoint?

SharePoint transforms your digital workplace with intelligent content management and intranet sites. The best ways to effectively use SharePoint is:

  • Building intranet sites, pages, document libraries, and lists
  • Add web parts to customise your content
  • Show important visuals, news, updates with a team or communication site
  • Discover, follow and search for sites, files and people across your company  
  • Sync and stores your files in the cloud so anyone can securely work with you
  • Share news and company information  
   • Use Hub Sites to categorise Team Sites

What is SharePoint used for?

SharePoint provides a rich set of tools to help you create and maintain your organisation's intelligent intranet. SharePoint brings your team together in one secure place to store, find, and manage content. Use it to create communication channels that keep your teams engaged and connected in the cloud.

SharePoint gives you the flexibility to design and build a site customised for your businesses needs. It also provides built-in security, governance, collaboration and content management capabilities that can help your business achieve more together.  

What is the difference between a Communication and Team site on SharePoint

Out of the box, SharePoint sites are set up to be collaborative. There are two types of sites: Communication Sites and Team Sites.

   • Communication Sites are the perfect solution for your businesses cross-department communication needs, the place to broadcast information to the rest of the business, ideal for intranet landing pages.

   • Team Sites are the best way to kick off your project or team’s private space. They make it easy to create a place where teams can share documents and communicate. Each member of your team can contribute content, get notifications when something changes, and work together in real time.

How does SharePoint connect with Microsoft Teams?

SharePoint ‘Sites’ can be connected to Microsoft Teams providing the additional capacity for staff teams and groups to communicate and meet using Channels and Chat, all underpinned by a SharePoint site where documents and information is stored.

For every team, a SharePoint site is created, and the  Shared Documents  folder is the default folder created for the team. Each standard channel, including the  General  channel (the default channel for each team) has a folder in  Shared Documents.

What are benefits of using SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative content management system that seamlessly integrates with your business to help you create great experiences for your employees. A document can be uploaded to a library, edited online by multiple people with versions tracked, and shared via a link in emails – creating a ‘single source of truth’, which staff can access from anywhere. SharePoint is the ultimate tool in a company's toolkit and there are many benefits of using this platform:

  • Streamlined communication across your organisation
  • Building cohesion with dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division
  • Document management to share and obtain important business information
  • Remote access from anywhere on any device
  • Creating an engaging employee experience with a modern digital workplace  

How to set up SharePoint site?

Creating a new site in SharePoint can be done in many ways, mostly dependent on the level of access you have in your SharePoint environment. Here are the steps for those with Admin user permissions:  

1. Go to Active sites in the SharePoint Admin Centre and click Create  

2. Select Team site, Communication site, or Other options to create a new team site without a Microsoft 365 Group.

Which type of site should you set up?
A SharePoint Communication Site is an intranet landing page that equips teams with the tools they need to be more productive. They are ideal for your employee-facing site, which can be customised based on each department’s needs. SharePoint Team Sites are the perfect place to plan, share and work together on your documents, presentations and spreadsheets. And as you’re working with others on documents, you can easily view their changes so that everyone knows what’s going on. Use a team site if you don’t require the social collaboration tools that Teams offers.

3. Define a location and name for the site, designate an owner, and choose any additional settings such as a default template.

4. Select Finish.  

For further support building out your SharePoint sites, get in touch with us here.

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The results speak for themselves

A global hub to access and share information

A global hub to access and share information

CXC was founded in Australia in 1992. And has been working hard to simplify the world of work for their clients ever since. With a presence is 100+ countries, CXC take the hassle and headache out of engaging, managing and paying non-permanent workers by creating custom solutions to make workforce management easy, compliant and affordable. And they uncover opportunities for their clients to source skilled workers from all over the globe.

Intranet transformation journey connects 5,000 employees across Victoria
Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning

Intranet transformation journey connects 5,000 employees across Victoria

The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) aims to provide a cohesive and integrated approach to transport and land use for all Victorians. This comprehensive approach involves handling travel disruptions efficiently, road and rail utilisation, planning for future development across the state and embracing innovative technologies.

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