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We supercharge Microsoft 365 to help businesses and people work better together.

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Our Mission

Supercharge businesses using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to help people achieve more together.

Our approach has always been simple. It happens with our ‘Store once, publish everywhere’ mantra. It’s what Sope stands for and what inspires us every day.

We give ‘working better together’ a whole new meaning. Together, we’ll get your business humming along with your people more productive, informed and engaged like never before.

Our Services

Helping people to work better, together

Our team has helped hundreds of businesses undergo digital transformation by harnessing the power of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint. Backed by a team of Consultants and Developer, Sope can improve your business efficiency and drive cost reductions.

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Intelligent Intranets that empower employees

Intranets & Digital Workplaces

Sope has decades of experience delivering brilliant SharePoint Intranet solutions that help Australia's most recognisable brands work better together.

Communication & culture
Knowledge management
Document management
Sharing & collaboration
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Modern Workplaces

Re-imagine how your organisation works. We use the latest technologies to create vibrant, connected cultures around beautiful, simple principles.

Work from anywhere on any device
Boost employee engagement
Single source of truth
Get more done
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Migrations & Upgrades

We've moved hundreds of business to a consolidated cloud. No more upgrades, no more hidden costs, and no more shadow IT. Get the most out of what you've already got.

Get rid of network drives and VPNs
Consolidate duplicate or shadow IT
Merge or clean up 365 tenants
Clean up classic SharePoint
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Application Support - Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

Peace of mind that your solution is being well looked after and has the flexibility and capability to adapt and grow as your business does.

Level 2 & level 3 helpdesk
Service Level Agreement
Warranty of solutions
Account manager
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business apps

Business Apps & Forms

Transform your processes. With the new capabilities in your connected platform, we help you explore the potential of the cloud.

Make smarter decisions
Integrate data sources
New ways of working
Be more productive
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User Adoption & Training

Empower your team with essential SharePoint skills for seamless user adoption with our comprehensive training packages.

Level 2 & level 3 helpdesk
Service Level Agreement
Warranty of solutions
Account manager
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Store Once, Publish Everywhere

SOPE: Store Once Publish Everywhere - our name is our mantra. Imagine a single source of truth where business content is centralised, up to date, and can be accessed anywhere from any device.

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phase 1


Gathering requirements to determine the information architecture, wireframes, look & feel, and brand.

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phase 2


See your new intranet take shape.  Your intranet is now branded, mobile-responsive, and  ready for you and your team to populate and demonstrate to users.  

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phase 3


Champions are empowered and are ready to start loading content. Go live planning & change management put in place.

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phase 4

Train & Launch

Your intranet is fully configured. Your content looks great. Your employees are excited about what you’ve shown them so far and are keen to get started.

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phase 5


During Hypercare, we offer a 30-day guarantee and unlimited support to ensure a smooth transition. Our team will check in regularly and provide assistance as needed.

Our approach

We start with a shared understandings

We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of intranets taking a five-phased approach.

This enables us to work quickly and effectively with your team through steps of the project, with some tasks from different phases running concurrently. In this way, we reduce the typical timeline of an intranet implementation to weeks, not months.

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Our Values

The core values behind our work

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Keep on growing

We want to challenge our way of thinking in everything that we do so that we are always growing.

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In it together

Uniting together as a force to solve any problem we face. We respect each other and never stop learning.

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Keep them smiling

Yes we are technology experts, but it takes more than just the technical prowess. We always strive to keep both our customers and our team smiling.

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Get it done

Every opportunity is one to deliver more than expected. We reach our customers expectations and then go the extra mile.

who we work with

We empower our clients to maximise their Microsoft 365 investment

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What is different about Sope?

   • We speak in non-technical: Our consultants are tech wizards who explain things simply. With our diverse team, we bring a touch of magic to every business. We love SharePoint and our obsession is making your digital workplace beautiful.

   • Our proven process: We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of intranets taking a five-phased approach.
Design > Build > Refine > Launch > Hypercare. This enables us to work quickly and reduce the typical timeline of an intranet implementation to weeks, not months.

   • We extend SharePoint with Sprocket 365: With our special Sprocket 365 extension, we supercharge Modern SharePoint. After building hundreds of digital workplaces, we've packed common client needs into one product, which takes your digital workplace on SharePoint to a new level.

What business challenges can Sope help with?

Many organisations grapple with challenges like the lack of a centralised information hub, document management complexities, hurdles in locating files, communication and collaboration barriers, process inefficiencies, and coordinating a hybrid workforce.

However, with a well-tailored SharePoint solution, these issues can be effectively addressed. At Sope, we dive deep to understand your unique challenges, then implement a SharePoint solution designed to tackle and transform these pain points, helping your business work better together.

What are the phases of Sope's intranet development process?

Sope's intranet development follows a comprehensive five-step approach. We start with Design, mapping out the requirements, information architecture and branding concepts. In Build, your intranet comes to life and ready for content. During Refine, our team prepares content while setting launch plans. By Launch, everything's set and employees are trained ready for ready for their new intranet . Lastly, Hypercare ensures you're supported with a 30-day guarantee period.  

How long does it take to build an intranet on SharePoint?

On average, our intranet projects are completed in about 12 weeks, following our proven approach. However, when there are additional factors like migrations or unique requirements, the timeline can extend to around 16 weeks. The exact duration is influenced by the intricacies and scope of each specific project.

Why invest in SharePoint as a digital workplace solution?  

SharePoint stands as Microsoft's acclaimed collaboration and content management platform, delivering rich functionality and unrivalled flexibility to meet the needs of any organisation. As the leading intranet platform globally, SharePoint allows your team to access, share, organise and collaborate on any device.  

In the evolving landscape of work, Australian organisations are actively seeking innovative digital workplace solutions to create a more connected, collaborative and highly efficient work environment for their employees. SharePoint allows you store once, publish everywhere. It’s what Sope stands for and what inspires us every day.

What is Sprocket 365?

Sprocket 365, built by Sope, emerged from our experience building hundreds of intranets and digital workplaces across various industries and sizes. Recognising recurring client requests, we decided to consolidate these needs into one product. Instead of bespoke solutions for each client, Sprocket 365 offers universal benefits at a fraction of the custom-build cost.  

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What other Microsoft expertise does Sope offer beyond SharePoint?

SharePoint is our specialty, but we're also skilled with other Microsoft technology. We offer services for Microsoft Teams, The Power Platform - Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Microsoft Viva. We're all about making Microsoft 365 work for you.

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