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New product development just got better

Australian Paper is a local manufacturer of sustainable manufactured pulp, paper and packaging products. With 70%of their workforce based in regional communities, they contribute substantially, both directly and indirectly to these local economies as well as in urban locations of operations. Contributing over $754 million in value-add to the Australian economy, including 5,928 full time equivalent jobs supported directly or indirectly as a result of their operations.


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New product development just got better

How we helped

After much work on process mapping, with ensuring agreement from all internal stakeholders, the product innovation team at Australian Paper implemented a Stage and Gate process, naming it Product by Design (PxD).

Easy-to-use and automated workflow

Sope, in collaboration with the Australian Paper team, created the PxD portal. An easy-to-use and automated workflow system that makes the new product development process ​more efficient and easier to use. The system is also used for extending or enhancing existing products.
Once an idea is entered into the “new idea” form, the first stage is kicked off and a series of workflows are triggered, taking the idea all the way from the initial feasibility study through to an active trial. Each stage is intuitive, using a series of forms that trigger actions. The system pushes the idea automatically through to relevant approvals at each gate in the process.At the core of the PxD portal is a dashboard with a complete overview of all active projects and the stage they are up to. Users can click through to the project detail page where specific information can be accessed quickly and easily. Anything associated with an idea is stored together, including; key contacts, notes, forms and documents. The interface is simple and logical.

The Benefits

  • More efficient and accessible way to get new product innovations from idea to reality
  • Built into the Australian Paper SharePoint Intranet, the interface is already familiar to users
  • Keeps track of each project, storing all relevant information in one place
  • Ensures appropriate procedures are followed and automated
  • Attractive and easy-to-use interface

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