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Building a collaborative workforce with SharePoint

Blackshaw Real Estate is an industry-leading and award-winning sales and property management agency, based in the ACT and the South Coast. Discover how Blackshaw Real Estate leveraged Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to improve communication, access to business information and streamline internal processes with their new SharePoint intranet.


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Building a collaborative workforce with SharePoint

The Challenge

Blackshaw Real Estate, an industry-leading sales and property management agency, required a modern digital workplace solution to improve communication, access to business information and streamline internal processes. Prior to implementing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Blackshaw Real Estate faced several challenges such as the absence of a single source of truth and the lack of engagement and collaboration among team members across multiple franchises.

To address these challenges, Blackshaw Real Estate partnered with Sope to design an intelligent intranet on Microsoft 365. The solution leveraged SharePoint capabilities and Sope's ready-made product, Sprocket 365, to provide a central hub for business information and document management.

The Solution

With the implementation of the B-hive, Blackshaw's digital workplace has become a single source of truth for the business and provided a Knowledge Hub where documents can be conveniently stored and updated. By utilising the power of Microsoft 365, Blackshaw’s News Digest now functions as the primary source of business updates, reducing email communication and streamlining how information is delivered across the business.

Focusing on increasing collaboration between their office locations and employees, Blackshaw Real Estate implemented a new Events and Training page, providing a comprehensive overview of all scheduled events and training opportunities. In addition to this, their new SharePoint performance metric dashboards - powered by the Microsoft Power Platform - promotes transparency and inspires a sense of achievement among employees. The digital workplace solution has significantly improved collaboration between teams and franchises and fostered employee cohesion and engagement. Team members can now easily congratulate each other on their successes, promoting a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

"It just ticked so many boxes for us, being that single source of truth. The implementation of B-hive has been successful because it has brought our people together and created a sense of belonging and connection within the organisation.", says Head of Operations at Blackshaw, Jo Hope.

The wide-spread adoption of B-hive among Blackshaw's staff has been remarkable, with the solution solving many of the challenges they faced with their previous Microsoft 365 set up. By supercharging Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Blackshaw has created a more effective and engaging digital workplace,. which enables their employees to work better together.

Click here to read the full case study and learn how Blackshaw Real Estate boosted collaboration and work efficiency with their new Microsoft 365 intranet.

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