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An accelerated Intranet

PACE Development Group is an award-winning medium-sized property developer that builds and delivers residential apartment blocks around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Amidst this dynamic expansion, PACE partnered with Sope to introduce a tailored SharePoint solution that would enable the agile management of their flourishing projects.


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SharePoint Online and Sprocket 365

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An accelerated Intranet

The Problem

Sope delivered a SharePoint intranet with Sprocket 365 to help a fast-growing business keep on top of project documentation.

Fast growth in the company, combined with a diverse workforce that includes builders, architects, legal and finance functions, meant PACE was grappling with an array of on-premises and Cloud platforms for information and knowledge sharing.

Challenges included no single source of truth for important documentation, heavy reliance on email for communication and no easy way for different parts of the business to work together on projects.

For staff, this led to issues such as wasted time trying to find the right version and a lack of faith that they could trust it.

What we delivered

PACE turned to us to deliver SharePoint and Sprocket 365.

We implemented their new Intranet to reflect the project-based nature of their work and their desire to support formal and more casual communications for a workforce that has doubled in size very two to three years.

In a business that deals with risk on a daily basis, Ian Burke, PACE Operations Manager, describes it as a “massive benefit” to have one single point of truth:

“The Policy hub is a really handy Sproket feature that is being used really well and providing a good resource for the company that everyone can now access,” Ian said.

“Rather than sending out documents we can send out links, so whoever is looking at it is always looking at the same version.

“Sprocket’s advantage is that it’s already built and sits on SharePoint. So rather than building a bespoke SharePoint solution, it’s obviously much better to be using the experience of other people to get the result we want.”

Other benefits have come from Sprocket's Project Hub solution to enable PACE to deploy project sites based on their needs and having a platform that integrates with Yammer.

For PACE and for Ian, the new Intranet has been transformational:

“Compared to where we were before – this gives us much better peace of mind, much more assurance of what we’re doing. You can’t underestimate the value of that change.”

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