HR SharePoint Sites to Inspire Your Next Design

When managing a diverse hybrid workforce, SharePoint Online offers powerful customisation to meet various organisational and HR needs. Get inspired by our very own site examples!

Managing a diverse workforce requires an effective HR portal. SharePoint is a powerful tool for creating such portals, offering customisable solutions for diverse organisational needs.

In this post, we show you how SharePoint can bring this to life. sharing how different organisations use SharePoint's robust capabilities to foster a more engaged, well-informed and efficient workplace. All these designs are been built by the Consultant's at Sope, featuring our secret ingredient SharePoint extension, Sprocket 365.

Human Resource Employee Portal

This HR employee portal site acts as a central hub for all employee resources, offering a clean, organised interface with straightforward navigation to policies, benefits and training modules. Its responsive design ensures accessibility across all devices, serving as the go-to landing page for staff to access essential HR resources.

Detailed view of Hillcrest Health's Human Resources Hub on SharePoint, featuring sections on employee benefits, HR policies, and an HR sharepoint calendar with color overlay

Key Standout Features:

  • Personalised greetings: enhances user engagement with custom greetings.
  • Department calendar: offers an overview of important dates and events, with the option to view by month, week, day, list or swim-lane, including colour overlay for differentiation.
  • Interactive news section: keeps employees updated with the latest policies and company news.
  • Direct access to resources: quick links to onboarding, training, and benefits information enhance employee experience.
  • Employee directory: searchable staff directory and org chart browser for any employees within in the HR department at the Hospital.

Knowledge Base

This Knowledge Base in SharePoint site serves as an intuitive knowledge base for self-service, employee engagement, and onboarding. It incorporates a left-hand side wiki, a process bar for real-time updates, and prominently surfaced key documents to enhance efficiency and accessibility for all users.

Hillcrest Health's HR SharePoint site example showcasing the homepage with links to employee benefits, HR policies, and HR team contacts.

Key Standout Features:

  • User-friendly navigation: easy access through a structured left-hand side wiki.
  • Steps process bar: visual tracking of requests and approvals for efficient process management.
  • Surfaced key documents: immediate access to critical HR documents, enhancing resource availability.
  • Comprehensive FAQ section: quick answers to common queries, improving self-service capabilities in accordion format.
  • Integrated contact information: direct links to key HR contacts, facilitating easy communication and support.

Policies and Procedures Hub

The Policies and Procedures Hub is a dedicated SharePoint site that centralises access to important company guidelines and employee benefits. This resource helps ensure all staff members are informed about company policies and their entitlements.

This particular SharePoint page, which has been transformed from an existing Word documents. It retains all original formatting for seamless document surfacing and continued document control.

HR SharePoint site example of Workforce Wizard detailing employee benefits and wellness programs available through the platform.

Key Standout Features:

  • Controlled document folder: central location for accessing and managing all related policy documents.
  • Download PDF: allows users to download the entire page as a PDF document for offline use.
  • Table of contents: quick navigation through different sections with a clickable table of contents.
  • Mark as read: enables users to mark the page as read, helping to track document completion.
  • Share option: the ability for employees to share the document with others directly from the page, with the page acting as the single source of truth.


Governance, policy compliance, and audit tracking are critical components for HR professionals. This example showcases a SharePoint site that incorporates "Read Lists" functionality, improves benefits management and compliance tracking. Users can assign pages to read, which appear in their "My Read Checklist."

Once a page is marked as read, Administrators can track reports of when users have read and completed the documents, streamlining governance and compliance for essential corporate documents that are frequently updated or required during the onboarding process.

Workforce Wizard's Knowledge Hub on SharePoint, illustrating an HR SharePoint site example focused on governance and employee compliance. Features sections like 'Hot Topics' with HR Manual and Leave Requests, 'Updates' on new employee benefits, and a 'Read Checklist' for mandatory reading with due dates, enhancing employee engagement and compliance monitoring.

Key Standout Features

  • 'My Read Checklist': helps users track assigned reading tasks and deadlines, ensuring compliance with training and policy updates.
  • Read list admin: allows administrators to monitor and manage the read lists, ensuring all assigned content is reviewed timely.
  • Page assignment: facilitates the assignment of specific content to individual users or groups, tailored to their roles or needs.
  • Completion tracking: enables admins to track when documents are read, providing clear audit trails for compliance purposes.
  • Automated updates notification: alerts users when new documents are added or existing ones are updated, ensuring continuous compliance.

HR Team Communication Site

The People & Culture page on Metro's SharePoint is a dedicated Department Site that simplifies communication for the HR team. It brings together essential resources, introduces team members, department news and offers quick access to important documents and links.

This set-up ensures that everyone can easily find and use vital HR information, helping the department run smoothly.

Metro's People and Culture Communication site on example, highlighting team responsibilities and HR news updates.

Key Standout Features

  • My Apps: provides quick access to frequently used apps within the department, both from within SharePoint and external Microsoft 365, improving time saved and accessibility.
  • Related knowledge hub items: Surface documents that are crucial to the organisational knowledge base, offering quick links for easy access.
  • FAQs: organised FAQs in an accordion style allow for easy browsing of common queries, saving time and simplifying information retrieval.
  • Team overview and bios: information and bios of the People & Culture team, helping employees connect with department staff and understand their roles better.
  • Inviting branding: the page uses fresh and inviting branding that reflects the company's culture, making the site not only informative but also visually appealing.

Vision and Values

Having your company values front and centre is crucial, especially in today's digital world with a hybrid workforce. The CXC site prominently displays the company's Vision & Values within SharePoint, emphasising their mission and core values.

For HR, this site not only fosters a strong sense of community and shared goals but also reinforces company culture across digital platforms.

Overview of CXC's About Us page on their HR SharePoint site, focusing on their mission and core values.

Key standout features:

  • Visual design and branding: features engaging imagery and nicely formatted layout, incorporating the use of brand colours for visual consistency and impact.
  • Text hierarchy: inviting and well sized text, which highlights the company’s mission and core values prominently.
  • Visual Design: features engaging imagery and professional layout for a strong visual impact.

Dynamic Organisation Chart

This SharePoint site features a dynamic People Hub (from Sprocket 365) that showcases the organisation’s hierarchy team structure. This interactive chart includes a comprehensive directory and organisational chart that clearly displays team members, their roles, and contact information.

This advanced functionality, allows users to expand various levels and click on employee cards to quickly understand and connect with the right people within the company.

Screenshot of CXC's org chart on SharePoint, illustrating the HR directory and organizational structure as a SharePoint site example.

Key standout features:

  • Interactive org chart: visually maps out the organisation's structure, showing team members, their positions, and direct reporting lines, which helps in understanding company hierarchy and team dynamics.
  • Employee directory: searchable directory with filters, such as department, office location, management level, which lets users to quickly find specific individuals or teams based on various criteria like department, role, or location, enhancing navigation within the directory.
  • Vacant position indicators: highlights open roles within the organization, allowing for easy visibility of career opportunities and helping with internal recruitment and planning
  • Integration with Microsoft communication tools: each profile may include direct links to email or call options, facilitating immediate communication with team members through integrated platforms like Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

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A multi-device display of the Workforce Wizard SharePoint HR site across a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. This HR SharePoint site exemplifies a well-organized Knowledge Hub with sections for policies and procedures, updates, and a personal reading checklist, showcasing a seamless digital workspace for HR management.
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