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4 steps to getting your team on the same page

You’ve decided your organisation needs a central place to collaborate and work better together, but the idea of getting an Intranet built for your team seems like an impossible, and daunting, task.

You’ve decided your organisation needs a central place to collaborate and work better together, but the idea of getting an Intranet built for your team seems like an impossible, and daunting, task. Luckily, our team of experts are here to help and implementing beautiful SharePoint Intranets is what we do. Our dedicated Microsoft 365 specialists are experts in designing solutions that look brilliant, reflect your brand and convey your company culture.

And all it takes is 4 easy steps to get your team on the same page. Here’s what to expect when building a SharePoint Intranet with Sope.

Phase 1: Design

Gathering requirements to determine the information architecture, wireframes, look & feel, and brand.

After a project kick-off meeting, the design workshop begins. This is one of the most crucial parts of your project where one of Sope’s Implementation Consultants spend time to gather your organisation’s requirements in more detail. The session is interactive and engaging, ensuring that nothing is missed and that your team is going to receive an intranet that fits into your organisation seamlessly.

Phase 2: Build

See your new intranet take shape.  Your intranet is now branded, mobile-responsive, and ready for you and your team to populate and demonstrate to users.  

During the build phase, our Implementation Team are doing exactly that – building your new SharePoint Intranet, using our discoveries from the design phase. This phase generally takes about 4 weeks, but depending on your requirements, may go a little longer.

This is the part for you to sit back, relax, and begin getting excited for your new Intranet!

Phase 3: Refine

Champions are empowered and are ready to start loading content. Go live planning & change management put in place.

Congratulations – you’re over halfway to enjoying your new digital workspace! It is now time for you to jump in and start loading content to your SharePoint Intranet. During this phase, you might request a few basic changes and our team are here to help you along the way.

Once all the refinements have been completed, the “go live” planning begins. This is where we work with you to plan the launch of your new intranet. How are you going to celebrate? If you are looking for some ideas, read our Intranet Engagement blog for some helpful tips.

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Phase 4: Train & Launch

Your intranet is fully configured. Your content looks great. Your employees are excited about what you’ve shown them so far and are keen to get started.

Once your SharePoint Intranet project is completed, we offer training sessions to ensure your wider team feel comfortable working within the site. This usually comes in the form of an introduction video where we provide a walkthrough of your site, showing key features, how to navigate etc. The great news is this video will then be added to your Intranet so it can be referred back to at any time.

When the Intranet is live, we provide 30 days of a hyper-care support period to ensure the adoption of your new intranet is as smooth as possible. We’ll be there to resolve any teething issues or answer any questions that may arise.

Having a new SharePoint Intranet built for your team isn’t as daunting as it seems. Our team of Microsoft 365 experts have delivered over 500 projects and helped businesses just like yours work better together with SharePoint Intranets. 

Are you ready to get started on your intranet? Get in touch with our team. 

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